Monday, December 14, 2009

kamu selalu di hati abg man

aku mcm tak percaya ape yang di beritahu..

"happy belated birthday" sms yang aku dari terima... dari sahabat lama di sekolah.. WM Hamizi.. 'WM' = wangsa melawati.. aik.. huh. lame tak sms tetibe sms... aku tertanya..
dari situ kami bertuko email.. add kat FB. add kat YM..

dan mula la berchatting...
tiba-tiba aku perasan.. sesuatu di status update die... aku tertanya " arwah abg man" aku tnye die balik nape abg man arwah??

die terkejut... "ko tak tahu ke?? abg man dah meninggal bulan 5 hari tuh sakit buah pinggang"

aku terkejut... tersentak. aku nk meneruskan taip.. aku terus fb bertnya kan hal itu pada seorang senior..
sbb aku tak percaya....

sbb aku rase kan die masih ada..
die.. seorang yang baik.. tak lokek dengan ilmu teater.. pengarahan die..
malah last karya die aku pakai..
aku ada taip di blog ini...

pasti aku akan repost balik....
aku tak sangka.. aku tetap tak percaya... termenung aku seketika. rase mcm baru kenal dengan die.. rase mcm baru smlm aku jumpe die...
rase muke die tak pernah ilang dalam ingatan aku...
rase... masih igt lagi aku.. dengan die.. dengan budak2x lain berlatih drama.. die high way dengan die..

tapi aku perlu redha... jika itu ajalnya...
dan aku iringi doa.. untuk nya.. agar die tenang di sana.. dan tergolong antara orang yang soleh...

"abg man.... masin air liur kite tujuh keturunan.. keramat lidah kita tujuh kurun"

Category: Life
like a family. Not just a friend. much closer...someone you..d trust your life to.That how close. everything! done everything for her you know. So when i walked in there, saw the two of them holding hands... i mean, from him I should have expected it. he..s a piece of shit!. scum of the earth! always was, always will be. why i fell for that crap piece of nothing. should have my head examined!
But that moment, with her?! And how many time I confided in her. Told her everything! Every itsy bitsy, deep dark secret she knew everything! And so they both turned, looked over at me. If i had a camera I..d taken a picture. If i had a gun, I..d shot! killed them both, right there and then. The nerve of them!
I could turned. could walked out, leaving them there alone. But i stayed! stood there!. watched as they started with the excuses, the alibis, the lies. PUt my hand over my ear, wouldtn..t listen! Then when they were thorough, I turned, left slammed the door. Slowly walked downstairs here, and ran into this stall, I guess, he and I are totally through!
What are you doing here? Look, I..m tired of this. I am. I..m what is it, then? tell me what? cause let me tell u something. Right now, right now you are waist deep in your own negativity, you know that?! waist deep! And I..m supposed to be your best friend, remember? Supposed to trust you. Best friend trust each other!!!
Sorry, huh? Sorry? No. Upset? Not at all. Don..t be silly. Got yourself a real catch. No hard feellings here, none. When I first heard you two are going out, I thought: "Um-hum, that..ll work" Bird of the feather, you know? You two are made for each other. As I always says, water seeks it..s ownn. Only thing that suprised my though is that you never mentioned it. Never said nothing. Must have been slipped your mind, right? And I hear you two have been going out for weeks. Weeks! Just forgot, I guess, huh? And you, and me talk so often. Funny, huh? But I..m glad. Happy for you, he..s some guy. going to get exactky what you deserve.
Look, I got to go. Got me another date. New guy, just met him. But don..t worry, if it don..t work our. I..ll give him your number, okay? I..ll let you have all my rejects. Just this time, before you come "stalking my man", give me a couple weeks, okay? I like to find out on my own. Got to go, see you around.

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